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Pressure Points That Massage Therapy Focuses On

Massage Therapy
Written by Nancy

Massage therapists work on several pressure points on the human body to treat pain. These pressure points, when massaged, can bring instant relief to those who live with a condition that causes chronic pain.

The Drugless Practitioners Act recognized massage therapy as a designated health profession in Canada in 1919. And due to a shift in people’s attitude towards what constitutes healthcare, there is an increased interest in alternative treatments and medicine. This is because people have more access to information and knowledge about them.

According to a survey conducted in 2016, more than three quarters of Canadians—approximately 79% of the population—have used alternative medicine at least once in their life.

Here’s why you should consider getting massage therapy too:

Why massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a popular choice for those that suffer from joint or muscle pain regularly. The side effects of pain medication can make it very difficult to continue using it as a solution for chronic pain problems.

The benefits of massage therapy include the fact that it offers pain relief for longer time periods, which can also bring significant improvements to your emotional and psychological health.

How does it work?

Most pressure points are located in soft tissues which are near a cluster of nerves or joints. Trained professionals massage these pressure points slowly and gradually. Overexerting pressure can result in more damage than relief, and can even be injurious to health. There are pressure points on the spine, neck, Achilles tendon, feet, hands, and wrists.


Pressure should never be applied directly to the spine, as it can end up damaging it. The pressure points on the back are along both sides of the spine in the muscles. The spine runs all the way from the pelvis to the back of the skull. This covers a large part of the body, which is why most massage therapists start with the back.


The muscles which connect the neck to the shoulders can be particularly strained under stress or when one is fatigued. Pressure is applied to the ridge of the neck in downward motions from the neck to maximize the release of toxins from stress knots.

Achilles Tendon

The ridge behind the foot from the heel to the calf is known as the Achilles tendon. Extended periods of walking or standing for too long can cause this part of the lower body to hurt. Pinching the tendon lightly can help relieve some pain. It can be followed by a foot massage, which often regulates more blood circulation by rotating the foot at this tendon.

The pressure points are strategically massaged to bring the most relief to you. The experts at Divergent Health can help treat any pain. Book your appointment now to get the best pain management services in Calgary.

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