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The Proper Terpene Ratio for Cartridges

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Written by Nancy

Man enjoying vaping Terpenes are organic, naturally occurring tiny elements that are combined to create complex flavours and aromas of organic matter. The scent of sweet citrus, or fresh flowers can be attributed to terpenes. This is why they’re used for several topical ointments, aromatherapy products, beverages, and food products. However, this article will focus on the usage of terpenes in vape cartridges.

Why Are Terpenes Added to Cartridges?

A vast majority of cartridges in stores are curated from winterized distillate oils. The process is used to remove all naturally-occurring terpenes from the material to obtain a uniform, clear product that is devoid of any flavour, smell, or defining characteristics. The manufacturers then reintroduce terpenes back into the product in order to create the desired aroma, taste, and viscosity for cartridges. But how to find the correct terpene ratio for cartridges? Here’s how.

Finding The Correct Terpene Ratio for Cartridges

When Using Distillate

Start by heating a small amount of distillate using a magnetic hotplate, then then add a 5% ratio of terpenes. Blend until it combines well, and leave the mixture to cool down. When it reaches room temperature, check the consistency. If it still seems too thick, repeat the process until it reaches the desired viscosity.

When Liquefying Rosin, Shatter, Wax, Budder or Non-Winterized Extracts

Due to the varying quantities of fats/lipids that these extracts may contain, it can be tricky to nail down the suitable ratio needed to reach the desired viscosity for a cartridge. However, these extracts are considered one of the best because of the natural aroma and state. Experts recommend mixing a small batch to test the suitable ratio for all extracts.

The type of cartridge you’re using also helps determine the ratio for how strong the vape oil’s can be made. The standard size of vape cartridges are 1ml and 0.5 ml. Herbal concentrates usually contain cellulose waxes, which means they get darker when warmed up in the coil, but they don’t vaporize.

Similarly, vape cartridges also have different oil hole sizes. The size of the entrance leading to the coil chamber also determines the viscosity of the vape oil. The smaller the hole, the higher the ratio needs to be so that the vape oil is thin enough to enter fast enough without resulting in a burning taste. However, if the vape oil is too thin, it can cause the cartridge to make popping sounds, flood, or spit vape oil.


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