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Psychologists and Psychiatrists: What’s The Difference?

Written by Nancy

Mental health is not something that should ever be taken lightly; however, the problem is that people often get confused about whether they should visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

It’s easy to confuse the two since they are so closely interrelated. However, there are certain ways in which the two are completely different from one another. Let’s take a look:

Treatment Methods

Psychiatrists are medically trained doctors that prescribe medication and spend time with their patients during the course of the treatment.

In contrast, psychologists focus more on the person’s emotional well being. They also have interventions when they feel that their patients are suffering from severe mental trauma.

Psychologists have qualifications to conduct psychological tests which help evaluate the patient’s current state of mind.


Psychiatrists and psychologists also have different educational backgrounds. Psychiatrists attend medical school where they receive training in general psychiatry. Once they get their degree, they are expected to complete four years of residency training in psychiatry.

During this time they work in the psychiatric unit of the hospital where they are expected to spend time with the patients. These patients include both children as well as adolescents.

Psychologists, on the other hand, are required to acquire a PHD and that can take up to six or seven years. During their studies, they learn about personality development. They also dig into the history of psychological problems and learn how psychological research is conducted.

These people go through rigorous training during their time at graduate school. Students are taught to evaluate patients and identify the problems they are suffering from. Once the school is over, students are required to complete an internship of one to two years.

During the internship, they learn how to conduct analytical testing, psychological therapy, behavioral therapy and problem-solving techniques.

Once the internship is over, the doctor is expected to have practical work experience of one to two years before they are given a license.


Patients can only approach a psychologist after they have been referred by a physician. The treatment process begins with the psychologist conducting a behavioral assessment.

Psychologists might even recommend the patient to a psychiatrist. They prescribe and monitor the medication. Both of them will work together to help the patient overcome their problems.

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