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Qualities of a Good First Aider

Qualities of a Good First Aider
Written by Nancy

Imagine that you have just had an accident and are in a lot of pain. All you want is for it to stop as quickly as possible. In such situations, having an experienced first aider by your side can make a major difference.

Who’s A First Aider?

A first aider doesn’t necessarily have to be a person from a medical profession. Anyone can be a first aider as long as they have the training.

In these courses, they are trained in different first aid procedures and how they should react in emergencies. These people are also expected to have certain qualities. These include:

Immediate Response

Emergencies require you to take swift and prompt action. This is an essential quality that all first aiders need to have. They should be able to think on their feet and do everything they can to comfort the patients while medical assistance arrives.

It’s definitely not a job for someone who is a slow thinker since the smallest delay can result in serious injury or even death.

Ability to Stay Calm

In addition to being able to think on their feet, first aiders also need to make sure that they are able to stay calm in case of emergencies. They should be confident in their abilities and should know exactly how to address the needs of the patients.

Overall, first aiders need to be good decision makers. They should be skilled enough to assess the situation and prioritize their duties.

First Aider

Good Communication Skills

First aid isn’t just about providing physical support. They also need to be able to provide emotional support to the patients and that is only possible if they have good communication skills.

Naturally, patients panic in these cases. A first aider with good communication skills will be able to talk to patients and identify problems that they are facing at the moment.

Once medical assistance arrives, they should also be able to recount details of the patient’s condition.


Nobody wants to be involved in an accident and it’s natural that they would feel sad and anxious in these situations. A first aider should be able to provide comfort to patients and reassure them. This also helps relieve the shock of getting injured.

These are just some of the qualities that first aiders need to have. With proper training, you can acquire all of these skills. Get in touch with Metro Safety. They offer first aid and workplace safety courses in Vancouver. You can contact them at 604-521-4227.

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