Questions You Must Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Undergoing A Procedure

Written by Zac Whitton

Are you planning to head down to your cosmetic surgeon for a lift or tuck? If this is your first time undergoing a surgical cosmetic procedure, there might be some thoughts running through your mind.

What kind of results should I expect? How long will the incisions take to heal? Will I need to be extra careful after the surgery?

As a patient, it’s best if you learn as much as possible about the procedure. Remember to ask the following questions to get rid of the pre-surgery jitters:

What Sort Of Results Should I Realistically Expect?

The surgeon will be more than glad to guide you through the procedure. It is also your responsibility to learn as much as you can before you proceed. You can also ask for images of any previous clients who opted for the same procedures as you, to develop realistic expectations.

Will My Lifestyle Contribute To The Results?

Even though the results depend largely on the surgeon’s experience with the procedure, your lifestyle also plays a major role here.

For instance, you may be required to avoid direct sunlight and refrain from activities that pressurize muscles in specific areas of your body. Remember to ask your surgeon what lifestyle changes need to be made to ensure the best results.

Do I Need To Do Something Before The Surgery For A Better Experience?

If you have ever gotten blood tests, you probably know that some lab tests require patients to fast for as much as 8-12 hours. Similarly, there may be certain things you will need to do before a cosmetic surgery procedure. Of course, it largely depends on the nature of the procedure and if the surgeon has some specific instructions that need to be observed.

Is There Something I Should Specifically Avoid During Recovery?

Just like any other surgery, cosmetic procedures require time for recovery. It is a good idea to inquire about what you should expect and if you need to take special care. This will eventually help you identify if the post-surgery symptoms are normal, or if there are any complications.

Whatever questions you have, the surgeon will be more than glad to help you navigate through them. If you are looking for plastic surgery in San Diego, make sure you choose a reliable and experienced surgeon like Sadrian Plastic Surgery for the best results!

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