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Reasons That Its Time to Repair Your Toilet

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Written by Nancy

Access to clean and functioning toilets is an integral component of good hygiene. Despite this, 2.5 billion people around the world do not have access to toilets let alone cleaner ones. As a result, a large number of people suffer from diseases and skin infections caused by direct contact with human waste. In addition, no access to toilets can adversely impact the overall wellbeing of individuals, thereby exposing them to various health complications and even untimely deaths.

Studies confirm that toilets play a major role in curbing diarrheal diseases. For instance, using dirty and dysfunctional toilets are responsible for 90%  children deaths caused due to diarrhea. Moreover, access to clean toilets in schools has been linked to improved performance and focus in school-going children. The reason being that quick access to toilets relieves them of frustration, which hinders their performance in class.Common toilet problems include dysfunctional flushes, leaking pipes, running water, and much more.

If your toilet has been giving you a hard time and you don’t know what to do, look out for these signs to know that it’s time to repair your toilet.

Dysfunctional Flushes

The flush is the most important part of any toilet. A toilet flapper is connected with a flapper valve, which initiates a rush of water in the toilet bowl as soon as the toilet flapper is pulled. Sometimes, the flush stops working and that can happen often. As a result, it isn’t activated, leading to the waste not being disposed.

Running water in the toilet bowl

Leaking Pipes

All toilets consist of pipes. These pipes are placed inside a water tank, that’s attached to the toilet seat. The pipes receive water from the main plumbing channels and divert it to storing tanks. When pipes start to wear out due to various reasons, including frequent use and lining damage, they leak. If the water keeps running in the toilet bowl even after it’s flushed, you’ve got leaking pipes.

Tank Depletion

Toilets consist of water tanks, where water is stored for use. The tank supplies the water in the toilet bowl through pipes. Technically, if the toilet is not under use, there is no water in the bowl. But when your pipes start to leak, the water continues to flow. As a result, the tank runs short of water and gets depleted quickly.

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