Receding Gums and Tooth Pain: 3 Dental Signs of Aging and Ways to Treat Them

A contrast of the same image with white teeth and discolored teeth.
Written by Nancy

Silver strands and fine lines aren’t the only ways old age secures a win against your vanity; the effects of aging are visible on teeth and gums as well.

Some consequences are the natural outcome of age, while others happen because of lack of dental care, inadequate diet, and dental problems. You won’t have pearly white teeth or healthy gums all your life! The bones weaken with age, and the gums lose their health with time too. But you can protect your teeth on your own with supplements for receding gums and dental problems.

Here are some visible signs of aging that take a toll on your dental well-being.


Yellowing teeth are a common sign of old age. You may be particular about brushing your teeth before going to bed, using mouthwash, visiting a dentist regularly, and taking care of plaque build-up, but discoloration happens regardless. The bones lose their enamel, which is a protective covering that preserves the look of your teeth. Wearing out of the enamel can lead to the darkening of bones that appear yellow.

Crowding or Gaps

Your smile is a sign of pride, but it can become an embarrassment when you experience crowding or gaps. This is an orthodontic issue that happens when the size of the teeth exceeds the space available in the jaw. Dental crowding can also lead to overbite or underbite, and affects your facial profile. An orthodontist can best treat this issue.

Gum Recession

You’d notice how your teeth appear larger as you add years to your age. That’s because of the gum recession. When the gums recede, the part of the teeth previously hidden within the gums gets exposed and increases the risk of tooth loss. A gingival recession happens when the gum tissues around the teeth pull back and occurs more commonly when you cross 40.

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