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How Are Refrigerators And Freezers Used In The Lab?

Scientist working in a labScientist working in a lab
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Laboratory refrigerators and pharmaceutical-grade freezers have an essential function: these cold storage units are used to preserve temperature-sensitive biological samples.

Lab refrigerators maintain temperature control between 0°C to 15°C, bio freezers maintain 0°C to -40°C, and ULT freezers operate between -60°C and -86°C.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the various applications of lab refrigerators and freezers in medical facilities and health institutions:

Biopharmaceutical refrigerators used for Sample and drug Storage in Laboratories

Lab refrigerators are used for pharmaceutical products that need to be carefully monitored in a cold storage unit to ensure correct temperatures are maintained.

Some pharmaceutical products that require controlled storage include biological samples like RNA, DNA, PCR and sequencing nucleotides, blood samples, etc.

Failure to store these samples at an appropriate temperature can compromise the quality and potency of the samples.

Additionally, COVID-19 specimens must also be stored in a purpose-built lab refrigerator at 2-8°C if they can’t be transported immediately. In the absence of precise temperature control, COVID-19 testing can result in false negatives, potentially costing the loss of human life.

What’s more, a wide-range of common medicines are also stored in lab refrigerators to prevent contamination and drug degradation.

Some drugs require proper temperature, ventilation, humidity, light, and sanitation conditions to ensure their potency and effectiveness aren’t compromised. This includes unused insulin injections, vaccines, ear and eye drops, nasal sprays, and some nebulizer solutions.

Bio Freezers Protect Critical Samples in Biological Banks

Biospecimens are irreplaceable and are collected in universities, hospitals, and research institutions in biobanks around the world. Each sample can cost upwards of $10,000, and require medical-grade equipment for storage and preservation. Therefore, organizations and researchers invest a ton of money in cold chain solutions like ULT freezers.

Safe, fast, and reliable ULT freezers with dual cooling technology are capable of reaching -80°C in 2 hrs, carefully preserving precious biospecimens. The ULT freezers manufactured by Z-SC1 Corp.come with independent temperature monitoring and backup power systems.

They are also equipped with audible and visual alarms for out-of-range temperatures and digital data loggers that track temperature performance at set time intervals.

Designed especially to store high-value samples, the TWINCORE ULT freezer has 2 independent compressor systems, each capable of maintaining -82°C, which means the freezer has a backup in case of any power failure.

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The company offers a wide selection of laboratory refrigerators and ultra low temperature freezers, ideal for academic institutions, research studies, and biobank projects.

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