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How to Rejuvenate Dry and Overworked Hands

Written by Nancy

A major part of your personal care and beauty budget is taken up by different face products and services. As a result, other extremities get neglected, especially your dry and overworked hands.

Exposure to dry air, water, sun, and chemical on a daily basis can cause the skin on your hands to become rough and cracked. This can take a toll on your confidence and make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed.

Here are some things you can do to rejuvenate the skin on your hands.

Avoid Soap

Soaps are manufactured by mixing fat and oil with an alkali. When you wash your hands with a conventional soap, it changes the pH level of your skin and causes it to become dry by stripping away vital oils.

To have soft hands, you need to avoid using products with synthetic fragrances, sulphates, and preservatives. Instead, choose cleansing oils and all-natural soaps for daily use.

Avoid Using Hot-Air Dryers

It’s common to see hot-air dryers in public washrooms. While these machines conveniently dry out wet hands, they can cause the skin to become dry, red, and rough.

The best way to dry your hands is to use a soft towel instead of a hot-air dryer. Not only do they harm your skin but they’re also less efficient in removing germs from your hands.



You’ve probably heard it before a million times, but moisturizing your hands is very important. The most effective way to combat cracked skin, frayed cuticles, and bleeding knuckles is to keep them hydrated. Don’t forget to apply tons of lotion every time you wash your hands. If you don’t want to use a commercial product that’s totally fine! Coconut oil also acts as a great moisturizer.

Wear Gloves

When carrying out house chores such as doing the dishes or laundry, your hands are exposed to cleaning detergents. These products consist of chemicals that can damage the skin on your hand. To prevent your hands from drying out, make sure you wear gloves whenever you’re working.

To rejuvenate the damaged skin on your hands, moisturize them before bed and cover them with cotton gloves. Your skin will soak in all the vitamins from the moisturizer and start looking fresher and softer.

Get Regular Manicures

No matter how busy your schedule is, it’s essential that you take out some time to get yourself amazing well-deserved and much-needed manicure. Schedule regular appointments at your local spa and have your hands taken care of by professionals. They’ll use skin rejuvenating products and specialized techniques to make your hands feel softer and more moisturized.

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