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Stop the Bleeding: Remedies and Treatment for Bleeding Wounds

Written by Nancy

Bleeding injuries are quite common worldwide. This means that you need to be well-acquainted with ways to remedy them, in order to prevent excessive blood loss, or even death.  

Let’s go through the best course of action you should follow if you, or someone around you, starts bleeding.

Apply Pressure

Take a dry piece of cotton or cloth and put it on the site of the injury, while applying constant pressure with both hands. Do this for a short period of time until the bleeding ceases.

Don’t check too soon to see if the bleeding has stopped, as this may impede the healing process.


Elevate the Wounded Area

In order to reduce the bleeding, you can also elevate the area that is wounded. For instance, if a person’s hand or arm is injured, you can elevate it over their head. However, if the injury is in the lower limb, you may have to lay the person down and lift it above the level of their heart.

Ice it!

You can ice a wound in order to constrict blood flow in your blood vessels. This will cause a clot to form faster, and cease the bleeding.

Wrap ice in a clean, dry cloth and place it over the wound to avoid freezer burn! However, avoid doing this if the person’s body temperature is fluctuating.

Place teabags over it

Post-dental bleeding can be controlled with the help of a refrigerated, steeped teabag. These work due to the tannins in the tea which allow blood to clot. It also helps wounds stay free of infections, due to the tea’s antiseptic properties. However, you should make sure that the tea is caffeinated as tannins—which are responsible for blood clots—come from caffeine.

Additionally, you need to press the teabag against the wound for a good thirty minutes to stop the bleeding. You may use this method for other cuts as well, but make sure the cut is above the level of the heart before applying pressure.

Apply Petroleum Jelly

If someone is dealing with a shallow cut, you can easily stop the bleeding with the help of petroleum jelly. Boxers often use this hack to treat themselves. However, wipe the skin dry before administering it, and remove any remnants after the bleeding stops.

While this theoretical knowledge will help you, you need practical hands-on experience in order to learn how to deal with these situations properly.

You also need to be able to handle the situation if the bleeding persists, even after applying sufficient pressure. Enrol in the first aid safety courses offered by Metro Safety in British Columbia right now and learn from the best in the business!

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