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Remedies for Winter Dryness

winter dryness
Written by Nancy

Winters in Calgary stretches over 6–8 months a year.

Through December till February, the total snow recorded amounted to 86.5centimetres in 2018! This was still less compared to the record-breaking snowfall that the city experienced back in 1972 which aggregated to 101.1 centimeters.

In order to combat the harsh winters and not let your skin suffer all year long, here are a few tips that help deal with the cold.

Organic Face Masks

The papaya and banana face mask is easy to prepare and is great for rejuvenating freshness to a dull and dry winter skin.

Since papayas are rich in antioxidants and bananas in vitamins, these fruits combine to form a perfect blend that combats winter dryness that makes the skin look aged.


Mashing these fruits and adding honey as a natural moisturizer helps in restoring the lost moisture to the skin.


It’s crucial to keep your skin moisturized during the winter months to prevent scratchy, scaly skin. If you prefer creams and lotions over home remedies, opt for moisturizers that have lactic acid as a major ingredient.

This is because it helps in binding moisture and making skin look plump.

No Long, Hot Showers

Even though the chilly winters may urge you to bathe for a long time in steaming hot water,it is harmful for your skin.

This is because hot water can further dry your skin. Showering luxuriously for extended periods can cost you your skin’s moisture. Water evaporates quickly once you step out of the shower which is why that is the time to seal moisture in your skin.


Heaters Dry up Your Skin

While it is common practice to turn on heaters during winters, they also cause dryness indoors.

Since the outside air is already dry and the environment indoors is also sucked out of all moisture, there is no solution left to residents of Calgary than to regiment their moisturizing routine. Avoid staying directly in front of the radiator or heater.

If your skin condition has worsened and no remedies work, contact us for professional help.

Prestige Cosmetic Clinic and Organic Aesthetic Spa has medical aestheticians with decade-long experience performing hair and skin rejuvenation treatments such as Microneedling, acne treatment, hair rejuvenation and dermaplaning in Calgary.

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