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The Revolutionary Potential of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy promotes the repairof damaged or dysfunctional tissue using stem cells; from which all other cells are generated. The mechanism is based on using the individual’s own healing potential to repair damaged tissue.

The injectable material used for stem cell therapy is obtained from the person’s own body, eliminating the chance of rejection.

The stem cells extracted are then cleaned and concentrated ready to be re-injected into the affected area. This stimulates regrowth and restoration of the damaged tissue.

The Revolutionary Potential of Stem Cell Therapy

SCT—A Game Changer?

Stem cell therapy has a huge therapeutic potential in changing the game in medicine as we know it.  For starters, it leads to an increased understanding of how certain diseases occur. By observing stem cells mature into specialized cells foundinnerves, muscles, bones and other tissues, doctors and researchers and doctors can come to a more thorough understanding of how specific conditions develop.

Stem cell therapy can also be used to generate healthy cells to replace diseased ones. There are a number of conditions stem cell therapy can be used for, and with constant research and advance in knowledge, there is no limiting the procedure’s effects.

SCT—A Game Changer?


Stem cell treatment has been found to be quite effective in helping treat arthritis. It may be used as injection therapy alone, giving patients a non-invasive alternativeto orthopaedic surgical procedures. Successful stem cell therapies have shown to provide pain relief and improve the function and quality of life.

While the exact knowledge of how cartilage regrowth occurs or even how pain is relieved remains under investigation, the procedure is beneficial in treating the symptoms of arthritis.

Thus, despite not curing the disease entirely at this point, stem cell therapy has revolutionized how patients may receive treatment and has opened new doors to finding a complete cure in the future.


Hip Injuries

The non-surgical stem cell injections also provide a feasible alternative to surgical procedures for hip injuries and hip joint replacement. Having been administered stem cells in a single session; patients can return to most of their normal activities right after the procedure and don’t have to deal with painful and lengthy rehabilitation periods.

Compared to hip surgery, patients havea much lower risk for complications like infection; stem cell therapy is actually far more convenient in restoring mobility and strength.

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