The Rise of Anti-Aging Dentistry

Anti-Aging Dentistry
Written by Nancy

The anti-aging industry today is a million dollar industry. Modernity has brought about a range of different products, pills, and surgeries to halt the aging process—and dental work has not taken a back seat either. Our teeth undeniably hold the answer to having a more youthful appeal, and anti-aging dentistry has helped remodel them back into shape. Our teeth naturally start getting weaker with age and lose their natural glow, and as your smile is the first impression of you, it’s important to make it shine.

Below we will discuss the rise of anti-aging dentistry in more detail:

A short history

Efforts to control aging have been existent in human culture since the dawn of the early civilizations. In the third century B.C., believers of the Taoist religion in China established an efficient program designed to extend a person’s life. Over the years, a wide array of anti-aging approaches emerged. These included, but were not limited to, alchemy, which used precious metals that were transfigured from baser minerals, cell injections made from tissues of newborn animals, or the consumption of hormones, dietary supplements, or some foods.

Anti-aging research and developments continue to be on the rise today, possibly more than ever, in the forms of commercial and clinical institutions that provide anti-aging products, procedures, treatments, and the emergence of “biogerontologists”, which is a term used to refer to scientists who study the biology of aging. These developments have extended to the dental sphere as well, with people now turning to dental practices to uphold and maintain their youthful appearance. The American Dental Association (ADA) stated how the demographic of elderly adults aged 65 and older is rising and will possibly be a dominant part of the dental sciences for years to come.

The reasons behind the popularity

Whether it’s tooth discoloration or misaligned teeth, anti-aging dentistry caters to it all. Anti-aging dentistry procedures fine-tune smiles and protect teeth from aging further. Your teeth are one of the main features of your face—and anti-aging dentistry believes in that to its core.

This field of dentistry is dynamic in the sense that it encompasses a range of different procedures suitable for any dental need. Some include, but are not limited to, teeth whitening which is an inexpensive way of literally brightening your smile and masking blemishes, or laser and gum reshaping that effectively lengthens the appearance of your teeth.

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