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The Road to Recovery: How Physical Therapy Helps You Along the Way

Written by Nancy

Physical therapy offers a range of benefits for anyone looking to improve their quality of life. From milder adjustments and exercises to more intense correctional practices, there’s a lot that can help with physical problems.

Physical therapy is also quite beneficial in the wake of an accident, mishap or problem because it can play a huge role in recovery. Not only does it help with rehabilitation and readjustment, but it can also significantly speed up recovery.

How does physical therapy help with recovery?

Physical therapy is the practice of identifying deficiencies and inefficiencies in the biomechanics and movements of the body.

After a serious accident or injury, or perhaps a health condition, our body can be set back in terms of its mobility and functionality. For situations like that, physical therapy offers a lot of benefits such as the following:

1)    Pain management

A major benefit of physical therapy as a part of your recovery is the pain management it offers. Often, pain can restrict mobility and slow down recovery significantly. Another major issue that’s becoming quite rampant is the abuse of pain medication.

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OTC painkillers, as well as prescription painkillers containing opioids, can lead to heavy dependence. Techniques used by physical therapists such as those at ProMove PT, who offer physical therapy in Bethesda, can help combat chronic pain and manage it better, and restore blood flow to affected tissue via stimulation.

2)    Helps regain and improve functional abilities and mobility

Another major benefit is the way physical therapy helps regain the ability to move following surgery or injury, easing the patient into day-to-day movements. It’s not as simple as asking a patient to move on their own, functional mobility about helping them move past the frustration of suddenly experiencing restricted movements, offering a structured and regimented routine.

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3)    It’s a way of avoiding surgery and further injury

Without proper care and recovery, it’s very easy to aggravate an existing condition or issue. This can lead to the need for surgery meant for correctional purposes, which can be invasive, expensive and painful. Physical therapy can help correct a lot of problems and manage them enough to prevent invasive procedures.

It’s also important when it comes to preventing further injury by helping correct issues that may have arisen as a result of surgery, injury or any other issue. Once weakened, a joint, muscle or tendon is prone to issues in the future too, and physical therapy reduces that risk by promoting healing.

If you’re trying to recover from a physical issue or injury and need assistance, ProMove PT has in-house physical therapists in Bethesda, who can be of assistance. Contact them here.

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