The Role of Local Medical Transportation in Improving Patients’ Well-Being

Medical Transportation
Written by Nancy

The effect of transport on physical health and well-being is multifaceted. Without transportation, people wouldn’t be able to make it to their doctors’ appointments and other medical commitments. Local medical transportation services, non-emergency and ambulatory, are bridging the mobility gap that affects so many lives.

Here’s how local medical transportation improves well-being.

Definitive Link between Transport and Health

A report by NatCen Social Research found a definitive link between transport, physical health, and well-being. The primary aspect of transportation’s link to health and wellbeing is that availability is directly related to accessibility to health services.

However, other than that, transport plays a larger role when it comes to the overall wellbeing of people. The report concludes that connectivity, civic participation, and the relation of well-being’s link to mobility is crucial to addressing concerns and challenges related to exclusion and isolation. The infrastructure of transport plays a vital role in influencing levels of wellbeing because it facilitates social connectedness.

Much-Needed Transport for Seniors

Senior citizens often suffer from medical conditions that limit their mobility. According to Health Affairs, the percentage of middle-income seniors who will experience mobility limitations will grow to 60% by 2029. This is an impending crisis, but one that is being addressed by local medical transportation services.

Several seniors feel like their friends and loved ones feel burdened by the task of having to take care of them and drive them to doctor’s appointments and medical commitments. Opting to use a local transportation service can significantly reduce those negative feelings and their associated effects.

Wheelchair and Handicapped Transport

26 percent of, or 1 in 4 adults in the US have some form of disability. Many temporary and long-term disabilities cause restricted mobility. A good medical transportation provider will offer a specialized service for handicapped transport. Handicapped or wheelchair transport is designed to address the limited mobility of people with disabilities.

Handicapped transportation typically involves door-to-door services so that the patient doesn’t need to worry about how they’ll get to and from the van. The vehicles are usually customized and/or retrofitted to accommodate wheelchairs and restrict their movement once on the journey.

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