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Root Canal—Debunking Myths


Endodontic Treatment—the thought alone makes many people dread the process. The panic sets in as soon as they enter the room.

According to a survey, 67% of people in the U.S. reported that pain is their biggest concern when it comes to endodontic treatment. This fear primarily stems from the fear of the unknown.

Myth-1:  Endodontic Treatments are Painful

This may have been true if we were in the 19th century. With the newest anesthetics and technologies, the process has become virtually painless. The procedure focuses on eliminating the pain source, which could be a broken tooth, a dying nerve, or an infected pulp.

The fear produces adrenaline that heightens your senses, making you susceptible to pain. Once the anesthesia sets in, you may feel gentle pressure, but no pain.

Myth-2: Root Canal is a Long Procedure

Rood canal is perceived to be a protracted treatment requiring several appointments. There is no one answer for the duration of your treatment. It depends on the severity of your infection and the complexity of the procedure.

It’s important to restore your tooth after the therapy to ensure its proper functioning. These appointments, however, are not a part of treatment.

Myth-3: Your Teeth Should Hurt in order to get an Endodontic Treatment

This is another groundless myth. Dead teeth also require treatment to prevent infection.

Regular visits to your dentist can help them identify a dead tooth and take preventive measures for its treatment.

Myth-4: Therapy isn’t Long-lasting

Many patients reported a broken tooth even after getting an endodontic treatment. This gave rise to the myth that the treatment doesn’t last.

Root canal removes the nerve from the tooth, cutting off the blood supply. The tooth can easily fall off if the crown isn’t able to withstand the force of chewing and eating. Medically speaking, the restoration fails rather than the treatment itself.

Myth-5: Endodontic Treatment causes Illness

The myth that root canal can cause arthritis, kidney and heart diseases is another reason why people avoid this treatment. It’s a mere assumption with no scientific claim.

There is a risk of contracting infection after the treatment, which is why; your dentist prescribes antibiotics to minimize the risk.

Myth-6:  Replacing your Tooth is a better alternative

There is no match for your natural teeth. Endodontic treatment is a shot at saving your natural teeth. The treatment has proven to be highly successful. The teeth that were cured by endodontic treatment were reported to last for longer durations.


Dental implants generally require longer durations of treatment. Your dentist can decide after a physical examination if your tooth can be treated by a root canal.

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