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Are You Ruining Your Dental Implants?

Dental Implants
Written by Nancy

Dental implants are specifically designed for long-term use, lasting anywhere from 5-15 years, even pushing to 25 years if they’re well taken care of.

However, it can only take a couple years for you to ruin them if you maintain the following habits:

Skipping on the Floss

Dental implants are made from titanium, so you can’t really expect them to develop cavities. However, this doesn’t mean that you should skip cleaning them altogether. Brushing your teeth removes bacteria and plaque that develops on your chompers and it’ll do the same for your implants as well.

Keeping this fact in mind, you must floss for the same reason. Food and plaque that can get stuck in between your teeth might not damage your implant. But it will damage the gum line and that can lead to gum disease.

Skipping Checkups

Dental implants are not a one-time deal that’ll last for years. If you want to keep them well-maintained, it’s crucial that you go for professional cleanings almost every six months so you can have the tartar removed. Doing so will ensure that your implant is in good condition, and will also give your dentist a chance to check if you’re developing any potential dental problems.


The general consensus is that smoking is bad for your health and your teeth. However, it’s even worse for your implants, because they can increase your risk of developing gum disease. Not to mention that smoking can make it harder for the bone in your jaw to grow and bind around your dental implants, which can cause implant failure.

Using Teeth as a Tool

Chewing on the end of your pen or pencil is one thing. Using them to open bottle caps, crack open nuts or even using scissors or pliers to clean or pick at them is something else completely. While your titanium implant might not suffer from the worst abuse if you do so, it will cause your crown to loosen or become damaged and that’s an even bigger problem to fix.

How to Take Care of Your Dental Implants

If you already have dental implants, your first step should be to go to a dentist to know what condition your implants are in.

Clinics such as West Hills Smiles offer same-day appointments on various services including general dentistry so if you’re in a hurry i.e. if you feel something loose in there, we suggest that you get an appointment at the dentist straight away.

Located in Woodland Hills, CA; West Hills Smiles can help you take care of your teeth and implants so you can be carefree about your dental health!

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