Safety First! How to Avoid Getting Injured in Sports

Written by Nancy

According to statistics, 66% of the injuries sustained by adolescents in Canada are linked to sports. Soccer, hockey, skiing, and skateboarding are among some of the most common sports contributing to these injuries, causing hundreds of Canadians to get hospitalized each year.

Are you an avid sports enthusiast who loves participating in athletic activities just as much as you like watching them? Here’s what you need to do to avoid sustaining sports injuries.

Stay in Shape

First things first, are you physically in shape to play the sport of your choice? This is especially important if you’re planning on participating in an athletic tournament where you’ll be faced with heavy competition and will need to perform at your best.

Whether you play professionally or as an amateur, it’s imperative that you train for that sport before commencing. Doing so will help you prepare for the physical exertion it requires and prevent you from overusing your muscles and getting injured. Similarly, if you’ve been out of practice or are making a comeback after recovering from a previous sports injury, you need to make sure you have fully healed and are able to keep up with the physical activity.

Rest Our Muscles

Staying physically active doesn’t mean you keep training all day, every day! Just like you need your muscles to get used to the physical exertion and get into the routine, you also need to take the time out to rest your body.

A common misconception among athletes is that the more days they train, the better they’ll be able to perform. While practice does make perfect, rest is also a critical component of your training schedule. Doing so prevents muscle fatigue and overuse, keeping you physically fit. It also keeps you mentally alert and prevents you from making poor judgement calls. This, in turn, saves you from sustaining an easily avoidable sports injury.


Wear Protective Gear

It’s called safety gear for a reason, after all! Perhaps the most careless thing you can do while playing sports is not wear your protective equipment and gear, consequently getting injured.

Helmets, mouth guards, gloves, or protective pads shouldn’t be ignored, especially if you play a contact sport. These not only prevent musculoskeletal injuries but also save you from concussions and broken teeth. Make sure you’re wearing your safety gear at all times, even during practice sessions!

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