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What Is Scalp Micropigmentation And How Can It Benefit Me?

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Hair loss is a natural condition that affects millions of people worldwide. When you begin to lose your hair, it can not only affect how you see yourself but also how you feel about yourself. Confidence and self-esteem may take a huge drop, which can take a toll on your mental health.

You may obsessively read articles on the internet advertising tonics and shampoos that cost an arm and a leg and guarantee to grow your hair back within a month. You may even consider buying them.

But let’s get real for a second. Not all of them—or even most of them—work, and you’re left with a few options. That’s why we’re here to tell you about scalp micropigmentation, a cosmetic procedure to treat hair loss that works.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation or SMP treatment works essentially like microblading does, and creates an illusion of fuller, thicker hair. It implants pigment in your scalp and is performed using an electric tattoo device. This procedure is permanent and is recommended when experiencing age-related hair loss, alopecia, excessive shedding, and thinning of hair as it adds density.

SMP is cosmetic and only slightly invasive and typically takes only twenty minutes to half an hour to perform per session. Now that you know exactly what SMP entails, you may ask, what are its benefits?

It’s Permanent and Long-lasting

Since this procedure involves pigments, it can take last for years on end. Like any hair loss procedure, it does require follow-ups, but they are minimal. The pigmentation will fade but not fall out, and can be updated to add a new color!

The restorative treatments are cost-effective and affordable, much like SMP treatment itself, and cost only a fraction of what hair transplants cost. On top of that, it does not require expensive aftercare, which makes things all the more easy.


Safe and Quick

SMP treatment does not use any chemicals and therefore has no side effects. A local anesthetic may be used on the scalp during the sessions as a needle is used to add pigment, but other than that there is little to no pain. There is little risk of infection since this treatment requires no incisions, and can take up to two or three sessions to achieve the complete look.

It Heals Fast

Due to the nature of SMP treatment being only slightly invasive. Healing is limited to only a few days. You return from your sessions on the same day and can continue work the following day. It requires little aftercare, and after a week, you can return to your normal schedule in terms of bathing and exercise, and a month later activities such as swimming and saunas are allowed. Right after the procedure, you should avoid exercise and sweat as well as direct sunlight as it can fade the pigment. Use a mild shampoo and exfoliate from day 7 onward to aid healing.

With few downsides, SMP treatment is one of the most popular ways to treat hair loss. If you’re looking for SMP treatment options in DE, reach out to Delaware Scalp Pigmentation. They are a team of two professionals who have helped hundreds of people gain back their confidence through SMP treatment.

Call them at 302-292-0380 to book a free consultation or appointment.

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