Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy: Should You Consider It?

Shockwave Therapy
Written by Nancy

Back in the day, the treatment and medication for even the simplest of medical conditions were quite complicated. However, medical science is now moving towards painless but effective procedures.

One of these methods is shockwave therapy. It’s a non-surgical procedure that helps to resolve issues like chronic knee pain and muscular dysfunction. It has shown positive results on the patients with Osteoarthritis, which affects more than 10% of Canadians.

If you’re still unsure about it, here is how shockwave therapy can benefit you or your loved one.

It’s Highly Effective:

If you’ve tried every medication for muscle or joint-related issues and are still facing the problem, give shockwave therapy a shot. The treatment has a high success rate ranging from 73.5% to 87.5% for jumper’s knee. The therapy session is quick and painless. You’re sure to get positive results from this method and see a significant improvement in your condition if you have a musculoskeletal condition.

You Can Avoid Surgery:

Surgeries involve several health risks. They can be extremely nerve-wracking and require a lot of post-op care. In addition, the pain and recovery time that follows makes it more inconvenient. If you’re diagnosed with a serious condition that needs to be operated, consider non-surgical options like shockwave therapy first. Shockwave therapy uses sound waves that help heal muscular pain and act as a great alternative for surgeries.

Boosts Collagen Production:

Collagen plays a fundamental part in maintaining our health. Shockwave therapy helps improve the production of collagen in our body. The acoustic pulses convert ligament tissues into longitudinal structures and help promote cell growth and strengthen muscles.

It’s a Safe Procedure:

The first thing we worry about any treatment is its side-effects.

So are there any hazards of shockwave therapy? Not really.

This technique is quite safe for use as there are no harmful waves involved in the procedure. It stimulates the natural healing process of your body without posing any serious threat to your muscles, skin or bones.

However, pregnant women, heart patients, and hypersensitive individuals should avoid it. You might feel a little pain around the treated area afterward but it won’t last long and will disappear within 24 hours.

If you’re willing to give it a shot, contact Divergent Health for shockwave therapy in Calgary. Give us a call at 403.909.8111 for a free consultation and find out more about the procedure!

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