Shockwave Therapy Workout — The Latest Fitness Trend Of 2019

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physiotherapist-performs-ultrasound-therapy-treatmentWith an astoundingly high success rate of up to 91%, shockwave therapy has emerged as an effective and standalone treatment option for musculoskeletal injuries and orthopaedic conditions. Using low energy sound waves, it helps stimulate a natural healing response in the body and attempts to improve patients’ range of motion and flexibility. It also significantly reduces pain and discomfort, enhancing their mobility.

Having been in practice since the past two decades, shockwave therapy has become an even bigger phenomenon over the years due to its reputation as being a safe and result-yielding procedure. In fact, physiotherapists and chiropractors often recommend it alongside their own treatment methods for a quicker and more thorough recovery.

So, what is shockwave therapy all about and what purpose does it serve?

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

The procedure makes use of radial acoustic shockwaves which trigger a self-healing response in the body. These sound waves are administered at the affected site through a handheld device which allows for the waves to be transmitted at the exact region where they’re required. The pressure from these shockwaves is then transferred towards the damaged or injured tissue, stimulating the healing process.

The resultant force generated through this activates the cells involved in bone and tissue healing. Once stimulated, they increase your metabolism rate and enhance your blood circulation to kindle the body’s natural healing mechanism further. As a result, the injured tissue begins to regenerate and regrow.

What Is Shockwave Therapy Used For?

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is particularly beneficial for treating several musculoskeletal conditions, especially those concerning the connective tissues. Certain musculoskeletal disorders and injuries affecting the ligaments and tendons are stubborn towards conventional treatment options. The tissue doesn’t always respond well to medication or physiotherapy alone, making surgery seem like the only remaining option.


With shockwave therapy, you can avoid invasive procedures. It may be used to treat an array of musculoskeletal ailments, serving as an alternate and effective solution in cases where traditional treatment has been unsuccessful. From chronic tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, and tennis elbow, shockwave therapy is perfect for conditions involving muscle overuse or repetitive strains.

Get On Board with Shock Therapy Workout!

Sports & Exercise Medicine Institute provides shockwave therapy among its range of non-invasive sports medicine services. This is a short procedure lasting a few minutes, and typically consists of three sessions per cycle. They also offer regenerative therapy, acupuncture, and foot pain podiatry services in the greater Toronto area.

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