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Signs You are Mentally Exhausted

A woman feeling mentally exhausted
Written by Nancy

Mental exhaustion can be defined as your mind feeling tired. In simple words, it’s like a brain drain where you can’t focus on anything or control your emotions.

Life can be tough, especially during the pandemic, which has more and more people dealing with mental and emotional exhaustion now than ever before.

Mental exhaustion can look different for everyone, but if you’re dealing with the symptoms listed below, maybe it’s time to get professional help and overcome your inner crisis.

Feeling Constantly Tired

Feeling constantly tired and having fatigue be a permanent part of your life is one sign of mental exhaustion. It’s not the same as feeling exhausted after a night out or a party but the kind of exhaustion that can not be remedied by a good night’s sleep. It seems endless and feels embedded in your bones.

You are Easily Irritated

You might feel like you’re one small inconvenience away from losing your temper and you feel hopeless. Your inability to have control over your temper and getting affected by the smallest things means you’re mentally exhausted. Feeling frustrated and taking out the frustration on those who didn’t deserve it can make you feel more irritated.

Feeling Dizzy or Nauseous

Feeling dizzy or nauseous means your body and mind are completely exhausted and taking a rest or a day off has to be number one on your priority list. Your body could be suffering from all the stress and is breaking down. Mental exhaustion is physically manifesting itself and your body and muscles are fighting back.

Lack of Motivation

Feeling low, demotivated and, as a result, not putting any effort into your daily tasks, studies, or work. You always feel like there is no point in doing things and you struggle to finish the most basic tasks and soon they start piling up, leading you to procrastinate more. Not wanting to deal with things and constantly feeling drained is a lack of motivation due to mental exhaustion.

Inability to Sleep Properly

Lack of sleep can lead to you feeling more and more exhausted. It is a vicious cycle where mental exhaustion leads to overwhelming thoughts that interfere with your sleep and then you wake up tired and want more sleep but you can’t. Lack of sleep also poses many problems and you just can’t seem to break the loop.

Feeling Detached and Crying for No Reason

The smallest things make you start sobbing like a little baby and you lose control over your tears and your strength to cope diminishes. You also find yourself feeling detached from everything around you, including your loved ones. Nothing makes you happy or sad and nothing affects you anymore. You feel drained or overwhelmed by the absence of emotions.

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