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Spider Vein — Identifying The Causes

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Written by Nancy

The healthy veins in our body are responsible for carrying the blood to the heart. While a fully functional vein will perform its task efficiently, damaged ones can cause a number of health problems. These symptoms are characterized by swelling, pain and blue or purple colors visible on the affected area.

Spider veins and varicose veins are the most common vein problems that adults face all over the world. While varicose veins are typically bigger in size and mostly manifest in the legs, spider veins are smaller and can occur in both legs and face.

There are a number of reasons behind vein illnesses; however, in this blog we’ll focus on the causes of spider veins and easy treatment options.

Spider Vein – Genes

Did you know that almost 90 percent of the people who develop spider veins have a history of the condition in the family? Chromosomal differences and disorders are associated with spider. And varicose veins; however, environmental factors are the major contributors.

Image showing spider vein doctor NYC

Work Conditions and Environmental Factors

People who work in occupations that require prolonged standing are at a high risk of developing spider veins. Nurses, air hostesses, salespeople and individuals working in the hospitality industry who always need to be on their feet can develop spider veins.

Medications and Hormones

Certain medications, especially birth control, can put women at a higher risk of developing spider veins. Women going through menopause and undergoing postmenopausal hormone therapy are also at risk.

Long-term Stress

While stress itself doesn’t directly cause spider veins. Poor health due to stress can be a contributing factor to their occurrence. Stress often leads to overeating, which can cause weight-related problems—obesity is one of the main causes of spider and varicose veins.

Pregnancy or Abdominal Conditions

Due to the increased pressure on the venous walls, pregnant women develop vein problems commonly. Resulting in clotting and swelling in the legs and feet.

Individuals dealing with chronic abdominal problems, constipation, hemorrhoids or stomach issues are more susceptible to developing spider veins.


An often-missed cause of varicose veins is clothing that puts high pressure on the abdominal walls and hinders the smooth blood flow. People who wear belts, girdles and other heavy garments can develop the condition in addition to skin rashes, itching and injuries.

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