Sports Injuries & Stem Cell Therapy

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Athletes are used to getting injured on the field, be it while training or during a national game. Pulled muscles, concussions, and sprains are a regular affair in professional games of football, basketball, soccer, etc.

While minor injuries can often be treated on the field using ice or relief medications, major injuries require detailed procedures, which can range from a course of specialized injections to a surgery.

Going under the knife is frightening for most people, but the latest advancements in medicine have made it possible for those seeking treatment to rely on minimally invasive procedures.

PRP injections or cell based therapy treatments have become quite common. X-rays, special imaging, and various other tests are conducted before starting the therapy, and local anesthesia is used when and where required so there’s no need for sedation.

bone injuries

Stem cell therapy uses the body’s ability to produce cells that perform specialized functions. These cells are collected from the person’s own body and then grown in a lab so they can perform the specific function in the damaged area. Let’s discuss a few injuries that can be treated with this option.

Bone Injuries

Fractures often don’t heal on their own, and need a bit of a nudge to get the bone back to normal. Bone grafts are not always successful either, which is where stem cell therapy comes in. It can heal the broken bone in as little as 7–8 weeks’ time.

Tissue and Muscle Injuries

Tissue, muscle, and head injuries are a few other forms of injuries that are treated with stem cells in the field of sports medicine.

injectionsThe advantages of this treatment aren’t exclusive to sports injuries either. People suffering from diabetes, injuries of the spinal cord, osteoarthritis, heart diseases, and many more can use the treatment for effective recovery.

Stem cells are always a safe choice because they’re readily available and patients don’t have to wait for months on end for a donation. The regeneration process is less painful than a surgery and while the treatment can be fairly expensive, it’s becoming the first choice for those who can afford it.

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