Strange Facts about Lice that Make them such a Nightmare!

Strange Facts about Lice that Make them such a Nightmare
Written by Nancy

Fashion journalist Susannah Constantine made headlines when she confessed to The Mail that she had head lice over for 3 years due to which she experienced social stigma from those around her.

Adults aren’t supposed to have lice but when you’re a mother of three young children lice infestations become common. Unless you’re treating lice properly, re-infestations are bound to happen so as shocking as Constantine’s confession may be, it is an unfortunate truth of all households with school-going children.

Previously, head lice infestations peaked during back-to-school season but now they have reached epidemic proportions in certain parts of the country reports RTE Lifestyle.

So what is it that makes lice such a nightmare, why aren’t we able to treat them like we do other insects?

Let’s take a look:

1. The Ridiculously Fast Lifecycle

You can’t treat lice effectively without understanding their ridiculously fast lifecycles. A nit (lice egg) taken 7-11 days to hatch. Nymphs (baby lice) take 9-12 days to grow into fertile adults.

One female lice mate, they begin to lay eggs the next day… and the day after…and the day after that too; lice can continue laying eggs for over 2 weeks after just mating once! A single female louse can easily infest an entire head in just a couple of weeks’ time.

Think about how many females she would have given birth to and how many more those baby female louse will give birth to! It won’t be long before these creepy crawlies are prancing around your head, your towels, hairbrush and your bedding!

2. They Spread Easily

lice infestation and lice treatments

Lice do not jump from one head to another, they walk. Lice can walk 9 inches in just a minute so it doesn’t take them very long to get from one scalp to another. When you have an infested child hunched over an iPad with their friends, you should know that lice are likely to be transferred.

Also, the genetic programing of lice prompts them to look for new heads –just one head isn’t enough, they need to spread!

If you have a young children, it’s better to take precaution and tie their hair so it’s closer to the scalp and has less surface area.

3. You Don’t Automatically Start Itching

Most people don’t begin scratching their heads until they have a full-fledged lice infestation. As a parent if you’re waiting for your child to itch their heads to see if they have lice, you’re doing it wrong.

Lice are tiny and the human head is pretty large; it takes many lice for them to irritate our scalps but that doesn’t mean you should wait for full-infestation to happen before you treat lice.

The more severe the infestation, the longer it takes to treat them.

4. Re-Infestations Are Common

People have found that after 3-4 weeks, heads become re-infested. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, most OTC treatments only help with the removal of lice – not nits. Removing the lice and leaving behind the eggs will undoubtedly lead to re-infestations.

Secondly, your children may have caught them again. If your kid continues to catch lice, someone around them is probably infested. Speak to their school teachers and camp counselors to see if they are willing help with head screenings.

If you’re struggling with treating lice on your own, it’s best to hire professional lice removal services.

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Customers also have the option of booking appointments at their lice treatment salon where they use advanced technology and natural treatments to ensure every nit and louse is removed.

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