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How Stress Negatively Affects Your Skin

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Written by Nancy

All our lives, we’ve been bombarded by ads for products that claim they unclog and shrink pores, remove dead skin cells, and brighten the skin and even skin tone. But despite using all of these products, people still struggle to get the healthy glow they’ve always wanted.

You see, the health of our skin isn’t just determined by the products you use on it. Our skin’s health is dependent on internal factors like our diet and hormonal balance—both of which are impacted by stress.

Stress is awful for the skin, and unless it is controlled, it can cause issues like acne and premature aging.

Let’s take a closer look at how stress affects the skin:

Acne Breakouts

There’s no clearer sign of stress than acne breakouts. When we’re stressed, cortisol levels in the body increase, causing oil glands to release excess oil. This oil begins to clog our pores and trap bacteria, leading to acne breakouts.

It’s not possible to alter the way our body functions; however, you can take steps to control cortisol levels in the body. Counter the negative impact of stress with meditation and exercise.

Avoid using harsh cleansers to dry out the skin because it’ll just prompt your oil glands to produce more oil.

Face Picking

Woman picking her face.

Ever wondered why you feel the urge pick your face, knowing it may leave lifelong scars?

Some dermatologists suspect that face-picking is a result of anxiety. It creates a delusion of control over stressful situations, even though we’re just irritating our skin and risking scars.

Research claims that even low levels of stress may push you to start picking at your face.

Dry Flaking Skin

Sudden increases in cortisol levels increase the flow of blood to our body’s vital organs. Unfortunately, the skin isn’t a vital organ, so the lack of blood and oxygen near it can cause it to dry out.

When you experience chronic stress, you’ll notice your skin thinning, getting dry and dull. Unless you start looking after your internal health, your skin may become dehydrated all the time.

Whether you have dry or acne-prone skin, using skincare products with harsh chemicals can cause further irritation. People with sensitive skin should consider using organic skincare products that are gentle and don’t exacerbate skin conditions.

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