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Telehealth 101: Answering Your Questions

Written by Nancy

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there has been a major increase in demand for digital healthcare. With patients across the nation being homebound, seeking professional medical care has not only become difficult, but also impossible for the large majority of Americans.

While COVID-19 patients and carriers have suffered the most due to a lack of adequate testing and treatment facilities, people with chronic illnesses and conditions have also been on the receiving end of improper care.

Visiting hospitals for a live check-up puts patients at risk of getting infected or infecting others. In addition, the large majority of Americans in remote rural areas have been unable to receive timely and quality treatment.

According to research, rural America is expected to be hit hardest by the debilitating pandemic.

This alarming landscape has prompted a rise in the adoption of telehealth. However, many people are still confused about the workings of the modern healthcare process.

We’ve broken down the basics of telehealth to help you gain insight into this seemingly complex yet straightforward, useful medical tool.

What Is Telehealth?

Also known as telemedicine, telehealth virtually connects patients with doctors, thereby serving as a platform for digital healthcare. The process enables patients to receive timely consultations, diagnoses, treatments, monitoring, and aftercare through electronic information and telecommunication technologies.

Telehealth facilitates long-distance patient and doctor interaction, care, examination, advice, and intervention.

As the COVID-19 crisis restricts many patients from seeking quality treatment, telehealth has emerged as an effective, viable, and comprehensive digital healthcare alternative.

Can My Practice Benefit From Telehealth?

As medical facilities across America struggle to reach patients, there has been a decrease in clinic-based consultations, diagnoses, and treatments.

Telehealth is a modern, convenient, and efficacious healthcare solution that helps practices sustain reach and revenue.

The process is well-suited for medical practices that treat common illnesses like allergies, headaches, and colds, as well as those that deal with complex conditions like respiratory infections and bladder infections.

By increasing healthcare access, telehealth helps medical practices offer effective and timely treatment while tracking patient health records and improving clinical workflow.

What About Security and HIPAA Compliance?

Consult a reputable and established telehealth company to ensure 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

As one of the leading providers of an integrated telemedicine and mobile health platform, CallingDr ensures each element of the telehealth process meets HIPAA standards for security and encryption.

Their cutting-edge software enables healthcare practitioners to interact with patients using state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. Their HIPAA compliant secure messaging further enhances communication, thereby ensuring timely and meticulous treatment.

What Equipment Is Required for Telehealth?

Practitioners and patients should have a stable Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone (Android/iOS), tablet, or computer.

As device agnostic software, CallingDr doesn’t require special adaptations. This enhances ease, as patients who are new to the system don’t have to worry about familiarizing themselves with complex technical processes.

They can simply download the app and receive quality treatment from the comfort of their home.

Can I Integrate the System With Existing EMR, Labs, and Radiology Systems?

Yes. Telehealth enables healthcare providers to streamline remote patient care by gaining immediate access to comprehensive patient information.

This prevents the need to log into multiple systems, thereby facilitating the process.

The cutting-edge telehealth software helps practitioners perform remote check-ins without worrying about missing essential information. Physicians can also order prescriptions and labs directly from the app for a seamless and swift process.

As one of the leading telehealth app for doctors in America, CallingDr offers advanced patient-doctor video consulting and remote patient monitoring.

Find out more about its features to increase your practice reach and revenue.

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