How to Tell if There Are Bugs in Your Bed

A bed bug crawling on glass
Written by Nancy

Bed bugs are nasty creatures. They carry diseases and suck the blood of their hosts, resulting in bite marks and itchy skin.

Bed bugs are reddish-brown in color and range from 1mm to 7mm, making them comparatively easier to hide away from the human eye. Therefore we have compiled a list of ways you can detect these uninvited guests:

You wake up with red itchy spots 

Bed bug bites are hard to notice initially as they take several days or weeks to appear and affect everyone differently. Bed bugs inject anticoagulants (blood thinner) when they bite. This is depicted by bloodstains left behind on your pillow or surrounding areas. 

 A way to differentiate bed bug bites from those of fleas or mosquitoes is that bed bug bites often occur in a line. They are tiny and red. Some symptoms include burning sensations or an itchy red bump that is inflamed or swollen.

You see shell-like remnants 

Bed bugs shed their exoskeleton a minimum of five times throughout their life cycle. 

Each time bed bugs shed their skin, it grows larger and upon reaching the maturity stage, the shedding stops. This process is called molting. They appear as husky white eggshells and are extremely small, making them hard to notice. You will find them between your furniture and mostly around fabric than plastic.
bed bug brown in color

You can spot bed bug feces

Bed bugs suck blood within a span of every five to ten days. They drop fecal matter when fleeing from one place to another in search of a new hiding place. These bed bugs are constantly on the move and so prefer to excrete while doing so. The droppings look like rusty black stains which may also turn red under lighting. 

If you notice the fecal matter, you will also be able to find the bed bugs close in hiding.

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