Tennis Elbow: Causes And Prevention

Written by Nancy

Tennis elbow is one of the most common sports injuries. Many people believe that tennis elbow only affects tennis players. But, this is not true.

Golf, baseball, squash and badminton players may suffer from tennis elbow as well.

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow causes inflammation or swelling in the outer part of the elbow. This is the area where your tendons and forearm muscles meet connect with the humerus (the upper arm bone).

To put it in another way, the swelling of the tendons and muscles in the forearm causes pain in the elbow.

What causes it?

Repetitive movement or overuse of the arm and the wrist is the primary cause of tennis elbow. This puts a lot of stress on the arm muscles and contributes to swelling and pain.

Although the injury takes time to develop, it can be uncomfortable and painful.

Regardless of an athlete’s age, anyone can develop tennis elbow anytime. Along with playing certain sports, tennis elbow might result from any activity that involves continuous movement of the hands, which includes working on a computer, weight lifting, doing housework and more.

Common symptoms to watch out for

Common symptoms of tennis elbow include:

  • Intense pain around the outer portion of the elbow
  • Intense pain when lifting or gripping something
  • Pain when shaking hands
  • Pain when opening doors, jars, windows, etc.

If you notice the above mentioned signs, do not ignore them, especially if you have severe pain. Consult a physician immediately for treatment. In most cases, the affected individuals may need physical therapy to reduce pain.

How to prevent it

Here are some simple ways to prevent the formation of tennis elbow:

  • Do not place your entire body weight on your arm. While playing tennis or any other sport, stretch to reduce pressure on your elbows.
  • When performing repetitive activities, use alternate hands as much as you can.
  • Performshoulder and upper arm strengthening exercises.
  • Use an elbow support to distribute pressure throughout the arm.

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