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Things to Know When Using Turinabol Steroid Cycles for Bodybuilding

Written by Nancy

People in the bodybuilding community know that not everyone has the genetics to get jacked by simply consuming heaps of chicken breasts and lifting the heaviest weight at the gym. Sometimes, you need to lend your muscles a hand in order to get that Phil Heath look. This is where anabolic steroids come in to save the day.

Considered one of the best, Turinabol, or Tbol, is one of the most effective anabolic steroids in the market. Turinabol is derived from pure testosterone, making it one of the more powerful bulking steroids. Bodybuilders who consider alternatives like Dianabol to be too harsh rely on a Tbol cycle to help them gain muscles mass.

But before you buy Turinabol and start your cycle, here are a few things you should know:

Muscle Growth

Turinabol is an ideal anabolic steroid to help you pack on some serious lean mass. A modified version of Dianabol, Tbol is a popular bulking steroid. But unlike Dbol, Turinabol does not cause water retention, so the mass you gain is actually lean muscle and will stay once the cycle is complete.

Users have noticed gaining up to 20–30 pounds of pure muscle mass after completing just one cycle alone. Provided you take proper nutrition and work out right, Turinabol will make you feel as if you’re getting bigger every day.


Turinabol is helpful both for bulking, and cutting phases, making it a very versatile steroid. It speeds up your metabolism, bringing about faster weight loss and a more shredded body.

No Needles

No matter how bulked up you are, no one wants a huge needle jammed up in their biceps.

Although available in injectable forms, Tbol is usually administered orally which makes it easier to consume. But, as with taking any oral steroid, you need to take care of your liver and not take heavy doses of oral steroids; so, keep your cycles short.

Side Effects

Known for causing zero estrogenic side effects, unlike other anabolic steroids, Tbol is quite a popular choice. Due to its chemical properties, Turinabol cannot aromatise; meaning that common estrogenic side effects such as gyno (development of breast-like tissues) and acne will not be a problem.

However, it can cause other side effects such as mood swings and aggression, oily skin, and virilisation in women. Being an oral steroid, it can also cause liver toxicity, it is therefore important to follow up with post cycle therapy.

Easy to Find

Banned in some countries, a lot of anabolic steroids are especially difficult to source. Turinabol, however, is relatively easier to find which makes it a popular choice for people looking to get bulked up.

If you’re looking to buy Turinabol in UK, or anywhere else, head over to online steroid sites such as SteroidsOnline to get easy access to Tbol. They ensure discreet, safe, and quick delivery of your choice of steroids in the UK and worldwide. So, get a jumpstart on the shredded body of your dreams right away!

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