All Things Vaping: How to Prevent Nicotine Salt E-Juice Related Headaches

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Written by Nancy

The vaping industry has come a long way since the old days of low quality, cheap gas station vape pens and cig-a-likes. During this time, it has seen some pretty cool innovations, mostly in coil styles and battery performance. And, having seemingly accomplished nearly everything in these two areas, it’s now heading into a new world of ingredients that are used in e-juices.

Enter nicotine salts.

Nicotine salts are the “new” new in the vaping industry. They are creating lots of buzz because of their ability to provide a “smoother” throat hit compared to freebase nicotine (the ingredient traditionally used in e-juices).

The fun?

You can vape higher strength of nicotine without feeling any of its harshness or irritation.

Bring on the clouds!

This same quality of nicotine salts, however, can also make your head go literally buzz, causing headaches “more” frequently.

More nicotine, more polypropylene (PG) – what else did you expect?

Good news is, there are ways through which you can prevent nicotine salt e-juice related headaches.

By drinking more water

Dehydration is a common underlying cause of vaping-induced headaches. Both PG and nicotine can dehydrate your body, which can trigger a headache. Since, nic salt e-juices contain higher levels of PG and nicotine than classic e-juices, the risks of dehydration and headaches associated with these salts are even higher.

Therefore, by increasing your water intake, you can prevent (or at least minimize) nicotine salt e-juice related headaches.

By staying away from chain-vaping

Chain vaping is defined as vaping repeatedly over and over without a break. It’s more common in vapers who puff nicotine salt e-juices (higher buzz and all that).

Again, chain vaping only worsens your headache.

Try avoiding chain vaping when using nicotine salts in your pod.

By using a lower strength nic salt e-juice

If none of the above tips work, try using a nicotine salt juice with lower nicotine concentration. This should help.

As always, doctor consultation is strongly advised if you feel your condition isn’t improving.

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