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Three Forms of Medicine You May Not Have Heard Of

Integrative medicine is quickly growing in popularity in the US, and in the world at large. The online publication US News & World Report recently published an in-depth article on integrative medicine and what it encompasses. This article clarifies that integrative medicine employs a range of different therapies, treatments, and medical disciplines. These treatments are used in specific combinations depending on the requirements of the patient. The result of such a holistic treatment is often beneficial.

Therapies, Treatments, and Forms of Medicine You Should Know About

Certain treatments, therapies, and forms of medicine fall under the umbrella of integrative medicine. Although some of these—such as yoga and meditation—might be popularly known, others—such as acupuncture, herbal treatments and bio-field therapies—are the sort you might not have heard of.

We’re going to expound on these for the purpose of clarity.

Herbal Treatments

Both Eastern and Western medicine have branches of medicine and medical treatment rooted in the use of various plants and herbs. Chinese herbs and herbal medical techniques in particular have been successfully used for centuries to treat illnesses.

These techniques have evolved and improved over the years. Holistic doctors recommend the use of certain herbs to promote personal well-being and treat certain physical conditions.


Acupuncture points located across the human body coincide with various bodily organs and functions. Stimulating these points with  a needle, pressure, or a calculated electrical charge triggers responses conducive to healing and recovery.

Biofield Therapies

Biofield therapies involve working with and stimulating the body’s reserve of natural energy. These techniques use touch and physical movement to facilitate health and well-being. When used with other techniques and treatments under the integrative medicine umbrella, biofield therapies can be extremely effective.

Looking for Integrative Medical Treatment?

There are many other techniques and therapies implemented under integrative medicine. This article only expounds on a few, which people may be interested in.

If you’re looking for a holistic doctor offering integrative medical treatment, you have quite a few options depending on where you’re located.


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