Three Reasons To Change Your Water Treatment Equipment

Three Reasons To Change Your Water Treatment Equipment
Written by Nancy

Most homeowners tend to forget about their water treatment systems once it’s installed. It’s a system that doesn’t require attention and is easy to forget.

How can you be so certain that your home’s water treating system is working effectively? Water softeners tend to work seamlessly for up to ten years after installation. Post ten years, they tend to need replacement, but is it really wise to wait that long? How do you know the water is safe for consumption?

Just like everyday appliances are replaced every few years, water softeners should be as well. Water softeners improve their efficiency as advancements in technology are made. To take advantage of these efficient systems, you should replace your system sooner than planned.

Here are some reasons to change your water softener:

Save water and salt

High-efficiency water softeners have become a popular choice among homeowners. They use less energy and save water too. Such water softeners work well with other high-efficiency appliances in your home. They work better, eliminate buildup, and last longer.

Old water treatment systems can become inefficient since the units are near the end of their life. Upgrading your system can help you save money since they require less energy. It’s also a more environmentally friendly system as it reduces waste.

High-efficiency water softeners are engineered to understand a household’s water usage. It begins to adjust cycle times. The optimal level of salt and water are used in regeneration. You could lower your home’s utility bills by investing in a new system.

Stay up-to-date with the quality of water

If your water supply comes from a well, you probably don’t have a clue what the water composition is. It’s essential to your health and those around for you to actively know what the quality of water you consume is like.

A water treatment system installed years ago may no longer be relevant to the water composition you are consuming now. Well water needs to be tested on an annual basis as part of health and safety.

Water softeners remove hard minerals from the water like magnesium. Groundwater, however, holds other contaminants as well which need to be targeted. Additional filtration is required to remove these contaminants and make the water suitable for consumption.

High iron can cause a strong stench and taste to the water. Specialized iron filters are required to solve this problem. Likewise, water with high sulfur levels can smell like rotten eggs which can also be taken care of by the same filter.

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