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Tips on How to Naturally Increase HGH

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Written by Nancy

The human growth hormone not only plays an important role in cell growth, repair, and metabolism but also boosts muscle strength and growth. On the other hand, low levels can lead to a reduced quality of life, excess body fat, and risk of diseases. Here are a few tips to increase your HGH levels naturally:

Intermittent fasting

Scientific research has backed the fact that fasting can lead to a significant increase in HGH levels. As per study findings, only three days of fasting lead to a 300% increase in a survey subject. When the su,bject continued fasting for a week, the levels went up by 1250%. However, fasting is never a sustainable long-term ,solution. You need to take it up sequentially, one step at a time. To optimize the process, we recommend eating for 8 ,hours, followed by a 16-hour fast. In other words, you can also take up around 500-600 calories, two days a week.,

Intermittent fasting works on optimizing your HGH levels by helping you lose body fat and keeping your insulin levels low.

Lose some body fat

Your belly fat is directly linked to HGH production. According to studies, individuals with higher HGH levels are said to deal with impaired HGH production. In fact, those with thrice the amount of belly fat (compared to a control group) produce half the amount of HGH. The problem is more profound among those who have a greater amount of abdominal fat. Although the impact of excess body fat is prevalent among both genders, men are more commonly affected. Studies also suggest that losing some weight and belly fat may result in an increase in HGH levels.

Control your sugar intake

Higher insulin levels are associated with a decrease in HGH levels. Sugar and refined carbs have a significant role to play. As per a study, healthy individuals had 3 to 4 times higher HGH levels, compared to the ones who were diabetic, carb-intolerant, or dealt with impaired insulin function. An occasional sweet treat doesn’t really hurt, however, try and avoid excessive sugar intake as much as you can; not only does it affectsyour HGH levels but also the overall hormone composition.

If you feel like you’re unable to raise your HGH levels naturally, your doctor might recommend HGH injectables. There is no better option to buy HGH injections in Miami, FL than HGH Supplier.

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