What Would the Tooth Fairy Say? Getting Your Kids Excited for Dental Care

Kids Dental Care
Written by Nancy

Your kids are getting older, perhaps old enough to understand that they have responsibilities.

Sure, it might not be time for them to get their driver’s license yet; for now, you can settle for them understanding the significance of self-care, more importantly, dental care.

But like all parents, you know you have your work cut out for you.

A child’s life is not about responsibility. It’s about fun. But this doesn’t mean the two can’t co-exist. You just have to know what to do.

Introducing Children to Dental Care, According to Dentists


Let Them Choose

Kids like to be engaged, and with something as grown-up as brushing your teeth, you need to make them realize it’s a serious decision. Take the task seriously by taking them shopping for their first adult toothbrush.

Let them choose a color and explain to them the difference between soft and hard bristles. The more you show your child how important this decision is, the more important it will be for them.

Add Some Flavor to it

Mint-flavored toothpastes might work for the adults, but kids want variety and excitement. So let them choose toothpaste from the scores of flavors available in stores. Companies such as Colgate, Crest, and many others offer a large selection of kid-friendly toothpastes in different flavors including strawberry, bubblegum, watermelon, etc.


Teach Them Yourself

And remember that once isn’t enough; you’ll need to repeat your instructions every other day for a few weeks until they get the technique down pat. Come down to their level and show how your toothbrush reaches into the crevices of your mouth, then let them mimic the action. Explain to them that while the toothpaste might taste good, it’s not to be eaten or swallowed, otherwise it might cause a bad tummy ache.

Be Positive

Let’s be real, if your kid brushes and flosses their teeth properly, they deserve a gold star. So give them one. Make a chart and give them a gold star every time they brush their teeth, morning and night. Tell them to remind you if you forget and keep track of their progress. In fact, teach them to do so themselves, so they can show their dentist later.

Find a Reliable Dental Practice

The right dentist can make a world of difference.

According to the dental team at the Houston Pediatric Office, Our Children’s Dentist, taking your child to a dental clinic for a basic dental exam every few months not only normalizes dental care, but it also makes kids excited. Of course, even if an adult were to come to a beautiful, bright office that’s filled with appropriate distractions, they’d be pretty happy too!

Reliable Dental Practice

Get Started!

Follow these tips, answer your child’s questions and show them the right way of brushing their teeth, all the way down to how much toothpaste they should use!

And for those located in Houston, TX: book an appointment with Our Children’s Dentist and let a Pediatric Dentist in Houston TX explain to them how dental hygiene can help them in the long run!

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