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Top 4 Detox Drink Myths

Detox Drink Myths
Written by Nancy

You might have come across some far-fetched concepts about manufactured detox drinks and its effectiveness. As a result, you may have been conflicted about ordering a manufactured detox drink to rid your body of all toxins.

If that’s the case, don’t be, because detox drinks are one of the best ways to eliminate bodily toxins.

Due to some of the misconceptions about detox products, you may have been a victim of unsolicited recommendations to try an alternative. We set the record straight about the reality of detox drinks.

Myth #1) They Don’t Remove All Toxins

If you’ve tried detoxification products from unreliable sources, then this may prove to be true. However, with a scientifically-proven formula like Optimal Kleen, that has a 99.99% success rate, you don’t ever have to worry about wasting your money.

Optimal Kleen underwent 5 years of extensive research and lab testing to ensure that users get positive results and become completely toxin free.

Myth #2) Detox Drinks Take 24 Hours To Eliminate Toxins

Some detox products do take 24 hours to be effective. If you want instantaneous results, try Optimal Kleen. This is an organic detox drink that’s made with a potent formula with ingredients that are effective within 60 minutes. The effects of this drink last up to three hours.

This means that users can be free of toxins from drugs like marijuana, meth, opiates, cocaine, nicotine, alcohol, amphetamines, and benzodiazepines and pass a drug test without a problem.

Optimal Kleen is the only product of its kind where the user doesn’t have to abstain from consuming drugs for it to be effective. All other detoxification products require consumers to avoid toxins for 48 or 72 hours before drinking to provide results.

Myth #3) They Can Be Detected In Drug Tests


If you’re concerned about this issue, a product like Optimal Kleen will render all your worries unnecessary. This is because it does not contain the easily traceable herb Golden Seal.

This natural cleanse drink is masked entirely so that it doesn’t get detected in a urine or saliva test, making it the best detox drink to pass a drug test.

Note: Any product claiming to help you pass a drug test should be completely free of this Golden Seal.

Myth #4) Detox Drinks Can Be Harmful To Your Health

This counter-intuitive myth is one that’s as ridiculous as it is common. Organic detox drinks like Optimal Kleen that are made with natural, toxin-flushing ingredients like creatine, fiber, vitamins, and herbs are not only effective but are entirely free of side-effects.

Since there are no harmful chemicals or preservatives in this product, it is safe for consumption as often as necessary to expel all toxins.

Optimal Kleen is natural cleanse drink that will make you completely toxin free within 1 hour for up to three hours. Its scientifically-proven formula trumps all other detoxification products in the market.

Place your order today and enjoy full body detoxification in just 60 minutes.

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