Top Nutrient-Packed Spring Superfoods for Weight Loss

Written by Nancy

Spring is in the air and most of us have already started our pre-summer slimdown to shed the effects of winter’s unforgiving dietary indulgences. With spring come the season’s fresh and nutrient-packed superfoods. Not only can these superfoods help you lose weight, but they can also be turned into delicious smoothies and meals for a well-balanced healthy diet.

Here are our top picks for spring superfoods:


Asparagus is one of the first nutrition packed veggies to hit the stands in the local farmers’ markets in spring. Fresh asparagus is available from April to May and is a rich source of iron, copper, calcium, and folate. In addition to these minerals, asparagus is full of Vitamins A, B6, C, E, and K.

A 2010 study found that asparagus has a diuretic quality which helps remove toxins from the body. The fibre content in asparagus spears also keeps you feeling full for longer by slowing down the digestion process.



This juicy and sweet stone fruit is the perfect substitute when you are craving something sinfully sweet and chock full of calories. It’s loaded with Vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium, which promote a strong immune system, good vision, and strong reproductive health.

A cup of apricots contains only 79 calories and 3 grams of fibre and is the perfect alternate dessert to satisfy your sweet cravings. You can also grill some apricot slices and add it to your salad to improve your body’s immunity.



The bright red hue of radishes is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it’s a rich source of anthocyanins. Anthocyanin is a phytochemical that has shown significant effects in reducing the risk of diabetes and burning fats.

Radishes also help with insulin-resistance and reduce cholesterol and inflammation. Snacking on radish slices can improve your energy and metabolism as well as your glucose uptake to decrease the level of glucose absorption into the intestines.


Dandelion Greens:

As spring season starts, dandelion greens pop up everywhere. These bittersweet greens are full of antioxidants, fibres, vitamins, and minerals. They have diuretic properties that help shed excess weight by getting rid of the extra fluids accumulated in your body.

Steaming dandelion greens have shown a 67% increase in their total antioxidant properties which helps boost the immune system. Studies have shown that along with protection against obesity, dandelion greens help with fatigue, depression, and even cancer.

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