How To Treat Your Hair Loss Quickly

Treat Your Hair Loss Quickly
Written by Nancy

Seeing your luscious locks falling out rapidly in your hands can cause some major anxiety. You have no idea what’s causing all that hair fall and seeing your hair thinning can be a startling and saddening experience.

While some hair fall during the course of the day is expected, losing 50-100 hair strands every day is pretty normal, but when your hair starts falling out excessively, it is a sign of something amiss.

If your hair seems dryer, rougher, thinner, and like it’s lost all life, these simple tips will quickly help you regain your former volume.

Keep Your Diet in Check

Proteins are the building block of various fibers and tissues in your body; they’re also the foundational components of hair. Keeping a diet that is rich in food consisting of protein will give you healthier and shinier hair. Protein can be found in abundance in food items such as eggs, fish, chicken, and milk.

Also, make sure to include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. They can be commonly found in fish such as mackerel and salmon.

Take Your Vitamins

No matter how much you hated taking your vitamins when you were a kid, it’s important to understand the importance of vitamins. Essential vitamins such as vitamin A, E and vitamin B12 enhance the production of red blood cells and regulate a healthy circulation in the body, which in turn, leads to healthier hair and less hair fall.

Some crucial minerals that you must take are iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and copper. You can find these aplenty in leafy green vegetables or you can take a supplement.


Zen and Peace

A stressed mind can be one of the major reasons for excessive hair fall. Taking stress triggers the production of cortisol which puts the body in a ‘fight or flight’ mode. When this hormone wears off, hair strands can start falling from shock. It is vital that you maintain a calm and Zen state of mind instead of stressing out.

Massaging Your Scalp

Poor circulation in your scalp is also a major cause of hair loss. Massaging your scalp with essential oils like lavender, thyme, or rosemary, as well as regular oils like olive, coconut, and castor can make a world of difference.

Use Organic Hair Products

Find shampoos, conditioners and hair products that are sulfate and paraben free as they can cause serious hair damage. These both ingredients are present in a majority of drugstore hair products, so you need to check which product is free of them. Buy fragrance-free conditioners and shampoos for sensitive, hair-fall-prone scalps.

Allurials has been providing natural and organic luxury hair products for years now. Make sure to shop for fragrance-free hair conditioners online from them.

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