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Treating Sciatica: What are the Best Treatment Options?

The Lower Back Portion of a Spinal Column Model
Written by Nancy

Sciatica is characterised as lower back pain to foot pain caused by an irritated or compressed sciatic nerve. While the condition is pretty common, with around 60% of the population dealing with it at some point in their lives, it usually goes away in about four to six weeks.

Here’s how you can manage and find relief for sciatica.

Moderate Activity

Previously, complete rest was recommended for people suffering from the crippling pain brought on by sciatica. However, it’s now been ruled out only to be replaced by moderate physical activity.

Different from intense activity where you risk turning your acute pain into a chronic one, moderate activity is much like maintaining an active lifestyle, minus any of your daily runs, to bring down the inflammation.


Acupuncture helps to relax tense muscles, release more neurotransmitters, and regulate blood circulation for pain relief.

It is by far the best non-invasive management option for lower back pain because, unlike medication, it comes with zero side effects and, unlike surgery, it does not require downtime.

A Pair of Hands Massaging Someone’s Back


Deep Tissue Massage

Sports or deep tissue massage is yet another way of treating sciatica, which usually targets the stiff muscles, electrolyte and hormonal imbalances, and traumatic pain suffered by sporty individuals.

Petrissage, a kneading technique used in deep tissue massage, is particularly helpful in managing sciatica. It involves rhythmical stroking and squeezing motions targeted at certain areas to improve blood flow and allow more white blood cells to access the injury point.


Physiotherapy has the upper hand on all of the above treatment options. Not only does it speed up recovery following sciatica, but regular sessions can also help to prevent it in athletes.

For instance, stretching exercises like forward flexion and backwards extension are great for reducing lower back pain and bring back lost mobility, whereas planned resistance and strengthening exercises make sure sciatica remains a distant possibility.

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