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Understanding The Different Types of Winter Allergies

Written by Nancy

Winter brings a lot of excitement and energy to it. Blasts of chilly air wash over the city, filling you with a renewed appreciation for how ever-changing nature is, and providing respite from the heat.

But while it’s hard not to be captivated by the wonder of changing seasons, it’s important to be wary of winter allergies. Why? Winter allergies affect millions of people, who are then compelled to spend most of their time indoors.

Let’s learn about what they are and how they affect your health:

Winter allergies

Winter allergies are caused by dust, pollen, and mold. Some common symptoms include coughing, dark circles, itchy or watery eyes, a runny nose, and sneezing.

These symptoms can also be caused due to a cold or flu, but those are usually accompanied by aches and pains, and last for one to two weeks.

If the symptoms persist for several weeks—or months—then it’s a sign that you’re dealing with seasonal allergies.

Types of Winter Allergies

Here are the different types of winter allergies that you should know about:

Mold allergy

Mold is a type of fungus that comprises millions of tiny organisms that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Temperatures greatly affect the nature of mold growth. During winter, mold often grows in cold, exterior windows and walls that are not insulated.

As mold spores become airborne, they trigger allergic reactions. This is a particular concern for people who are asthmatic, as the spores can worsen their symptoms. To prevent allergic reactions, here are some tips you can follow:

  • Use a dehumidifier in your home to reduce moisture.
  • Rinse your nose with a saline solution when you go back inside.
  • Wear a mask when sitting in the yard or outdoor spaces.
  • Keep waste disposal bins clean.

Dust mite allergy

Dust mites are also very common allergens that cause winter allergies. They mostly occur due to a lack of ventilation. They usually surface during dusting, sweeping, or vacuuming. Moreover, fur, feathers, and pollen can also cause dust mite allergies.

If you want to avoid, or at least reduce, the symptoms of a dust mite allergy, there are steps you can take. For example, you can remove wall-to-wall carpeting to mitigate mounting dampness between the floor and carpet, which creates the perfect environment for dust mites.

Also, you can encase mattresses and pillows in your bedroom in impermeable covers to reduce exposure to dust mites. Moreover, clean hardwood floors using a damp mop to avoid stirring up dust. Just make sure to wear a mask when performing the cleaning work.

Pet allergy

Pets are great companions. But many people have allergic reactions to the proteins found in their skin cells. Common signs include hay fever, a runny nose, and sneezing. People with asthma may also find it difficult to breathe.

If you’re a pet lover, this news must be difficult to deal with. But fortunately, you don’t have to give up your pet. You can simply take some precautions to prevent the onset of pet allergies.

Here are some precautions you can take:

  • Keep your bedroom pet-free to reduce allergens there.
  • Bathe your pets every week to wash allergens from their fur (again, don’t forget to wear a mask).
  • Don’t pet, hug or kiss your pet.

What should you do?

If you want to prevent picking up winter allergies, make sure to follow the above-mentioned precautionary steps. Moreover, you can use allergy relief supplements to combat the allergens released into the environment during the winter season.

Natural supplements that are designed to provide relief from seasonal allergies boost your immune system and take care of your respiratory system. As a result, you can enjoy the holidays without experiencing any discomfort and inflammatory pain.

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