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Useful Tips for Hikers that Aren’t In the Best Shape

Useful Tips for Hikers that Aren’t In the Best Shape
Written by Nancy

We’ve all seen the commercials for fancy sports and outdoors brands with the super-fit models that are climbing mountains, white water rafting, racing to the finish line and doing other exciting things.

Hiking is one sport that everyone can do. It doesn’t matter what size you are or how fit you are; if you put your mind to it, you’ll make it to the end and it will always be rewarding!

If you aren’t in the greatest shape, check out these useful tips that will make sure you don’t lose energy on the trail and make it to the end:

1. Let Go Of Your Preconceptions of What it Takes to be a Hiker

The best thing about hiking is that it’s a sport for everyone. It doesn’t require additional skills and you don’t need to train for it for months before you hit the trails. It’s your endurance, stamina and strength you need to focus on.

Doing intense cardio and power-walking regularly a few weeks before your hike will help you maintain your strength and stamina as you walk on the trail.

With other sports, practice can make you perfect but when it comes to hiking, every trail is different. Keep in mind that even the most seasoned hikers are challenged by tough trails.

Hiking is all about embracing difficulty and pushing your limits. This is your opportunity to connect with yourself and realize all that you’re capable of!

2. Take it One Step at a Time

Hiking is kind of like that for beginners

Have you ever seen a baby take its first steps? Hiking is kind of like that for beginners. You start off with small, simple trails and eventually work your way up.

Hiking takes time to get used. Walking for 8 hours a day, being immersed in nature and surviving on a few essentials isn’t easy. Do yourself a favor and start off with short day hikes. Once you master them, you can begin working your way up.

Hiking often is another way to ensure that you’re never out of practice. After day-hikes become simple, be ready to push yourself to take on more difficult trails.

3. Get the Right Gear

The importance of the right hiking gear cannot be emphasized enough! This doesn’t mean that you go and buy yourself whatever pricey hiking equipment you can find. It just means that you need to get yourself the right equipment. Everything you pack and carry with you on a hike should make your trip better. Carrying a flashlight is essential in case you get lost after dark, having a power-bank and a stove of some sort is crucial too.

In addition to the essentials, you’ll also need a high-quality backpack that not only offers storage space but also provides you with support as you walk for hours.

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I’m Nancy and no, I didn’t always look like I do in that picture on the right. My foray into health and fitness began as a brace-faced, 16 year-old who was too afraid to wear a two-piece at the beach because I felt my body paled in comparison to my much more toned friends.

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