Vaping Vs Smoking: Evaluating the Benefits of E-Cigarettes

Written by Nancy

People have known about the health related dangers of smoking for a long time now. It was in response to the growing tobacco smoking epidemic that companies began developing and manufacturing e-cigarettes and later vape devices.

There are numerous individuals that have kicked their smoking habit with the help of vaping. There has also been adequate research in which results favor of vaping as the safer option. This being said, people still wonder if vaping is just as harmful as smoking!

Dissecting the Differences

One way to determine which of the two is the healthier alternative is by going over what smoking and vaping entail respectively.

For starters, smoking involves the burning of (heavily) chemically processed plant material and paper. Vaping is simply the vaporizing of vape liquid or e-juice. Though you might think switching from a pack to vape device is equally detrimental, the differences between the two are massive.

Chemically Speaking

Cigarettes contain way more chemicals than any vape juice or e-liquid available. We’re talking everything from carcinogenic to those which are highly toxic for humans. Chemicals found in cigarette smoke include but are not limited to:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Formaldehyde

You can plainly see how some of these are lethal.


On the flipside, when it comes to your e-liquid or vape juice, the ingredients are pretty simple. These include:

  • Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin (PG or VG)
  • Acetaldehyde (an organic and safe compound)
  • FDA approved food flavoring

There are no additional ingredients in your vape juice unless candidly stated by the manufacturer. It’s safe to say that vaping is probably the better bet when it comes to ingredients and chemicals!

Respiratory Complications

Another argument is that both smoking and vaping require inhalation and hence are both bad for the lungs and respiratory system.

If you looked at the diagram for a human or mammal lung, what you will notice is the same is formed of little balloon or bubble like sacks. These are interconnected by tubes which come together to from the bronchioles, bronchus etc.


The little sacks known as alveoli are where carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged. Oxygen moves into the blood and the carbon dioxide out. The alveoli have a substance known as surfactant lubricating and protecting them. The surfactant allows for expansion and contraction of these alveoli which is necessary for breathing.

The chemicals within cigarette smoke however are known to interfere with surfactant production. This leaves the alveoli dry, inelastic and incapable of gaseous exchange which in turn causes respiratory complications.

Vape juice and the vapor it forms however does not have any effect on surfactant and hence does not interfere with lung function in the way that conventional cigarettes do! Again, vaping wins!

Staying Safe

The thing is, no matter how you look at it, between smoking tobacco and vaping, vaping is hands down the safer bet! If you make sure to maintain your device, use premium quality e-juice and don’t become too excessive, you’re better off vaping as opposed to smoking any day!

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