Why are Millennials so Depressed?

Written by Nancy

It seems that the word ‘depressed’ is very easily thrown around these days. It’s misinterpreted, misused and misleading. The younger generation especially is often seen complaining about life. Turns out that Millennials, despite being the most committed to diet and fitness are still depressed.

Millennials are frequently described as lazy, unrealistic and unmotivated by their predecessors because of their defeated attitude towards work and society in general. But are Millennials really a generation of drama-queens or do they have legitimate concerns? What is that makes this generation so upset and depressed?

Let’s take a look:

1) Millennials have to face issues that previous generations didn’t have

There are plenty of issues that Millennials have to deal with which were never a concern for older generations. In the past, a college degree set you apart from the rest; today, a college degree is a basic requirement for jobs and even with a college degree many Millennials remain underemployed.

2) Rising costs

Whether it’s the cost of college or soaring rental costs, previous generations didn’t have to deal with the financial burdens that affect most Millennials today. As the world becomes more populated and competition is at an all-time high, it’s become ever so difficult to afford a decent quality of life.

3) They are overworked

In order to improve their quality of life and keep up with competition, Millennials tend to be overworked. If they’re married, both spouses work for long hours and their work inevitably seeps into their personal lives.

4) They see a bleak future

Let’s just agree that the previous generations have left the Earth in a disastrous state. They had no concern for their ecological footprint or the impact of exponential population growth. In addition to their harsh treatment of our limited resources, the older generation continues to cause trouble. As of now, with the right-wing factions of society becoming more powerful globally and people become less tolerant towards each other—the world looks like it’s destined for destruction.

5) Lack of proper treatment

Even though it is clear that this generation is depressed, they don’t take action to care for their mental health issues. Western medicine and psychotherapy isn’t an adequate long-term solution; Traditional Chinese Medicine such as acupuncture and cupping has proven to be a much more effective solution.

This generation may have an abundance of reasons for being depressed but there is a need for them to address their mental health issues before it gets out of hand.


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