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Why Does My Hip Hurt?

he hip joint bears our body’s weight and allows us to jump, walk, and run. It’s one of the strongest bones of our body that can withstand repeated motion and wear and tear while allowing fluid movement.

However, despite its durability, a hip joint isn’t indestructible. With age or injury, there comes a time where your hip is a source of pain for you. If you’re in a similar situation and wonder why your hip hurts, here are a few common causes of hip pain.


Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the most common causes of hip pain, especially in elderly loved ones. The medical condition leads to inflammation of the hip and joint, which breaks down the cartilage responsible for cushioning the hip bone.

The pain gradually worsens, and individuals may experience a reduced range of motion and stiffness in the hip.

Hip Fractures

repetitive strenuous activity straining the hip joint

As we grow old, bones become brittle and weak. This puts them at more risk of breakage during a fall, which results in hip fractures.


Sacs of liquid found between the tissue, tendons, and bones are called bursae. They’re responsible for easing the friction between muscles during motion.

Inflamed bursae caused by repetitive activities that irritate and overwork the hip joint can lead to pain.


The thick bands of tissue that attach the bones to the muscles in our body are called tendons.

Tendinitis is a condition in which the tendons become irritated or inflamed. It’s usually a result of overworking and increased stress on the tendon.

Tendon or Muscle Strain

Any repetitive activities that are putting a strain on your ligament, muscles, and tendons that support the hip joint can cause pain.

The tendon becomes inflamed due to overuse and hinders your mobility and range of motion.

Hip Labral Tear

This is when the ring of the cartilage, called the labrum, which follows the outside rim of the hip joint, is ripped. The labrum functions as a cushion and a rubber seal to hold the ball securely within the hip socket at the top of the thigh bone.

Repetitive twisting motion can lead to a tear in the labrum, which results in hip pain.

If your hip hurts, you should seek treatment for it right away to restore the quality of your life.

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