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Will Scalp Micropigmentation Blend In With My Natural Hair?

scalp micropigmentation
Written by Nancy

If you’ve been wearing wigs for quite some time, you’d know the struggle of matching them to your exact hair color. Regardless of how extensively you try to match the tones before buying them online, the results are never accurate!

And it’s not just a fashion accessory that you can compromise on—it’s your hair! Your hair is the single-most prominent feature of your face and we understand that.

This blog will address this issue and assure you that there are better and safer alternatives to wigs and hair pieces. Scalp micropigmentation is your answer if you’re dealing with severe hair loss and wish to conceal the bald spots with something that looks completely natural.

Here are some factors that affect the results of the treatment.

The Reliability of the Service Provider

Many first-timers are hesitant about getting scalp micropigmentation and rightly so! The treatment can seem unreliable to those who don’t know how the procedure works. But if you’re investing your time and trust in someone, you have the right to expect excellent results!

That said, it’s important to acknowledge that there are many businesses that are now offering scalp micropigmentation. Needless to say, not all of them are experts.

The skill required to match the pigments to your natural hair color takes years to refine and only experienced professionals can master it. Even the slightest error in blending the pigments will look like a glaring disaster when the job is done. It’s best not to trust your appearance with the new ones in the industry.

Gradient of the Pigment

If you’re aware of the process of scalp micropigmentation, you’d know that in order to create a natural look, professionals follow a gradient pattern. The pigments used to perform pointillism closer to the hairline will be darker, as compared to the ones used away from it. So, if you’re concerned about this part of the procedure, it’s best to speak to a professional about it.

Ask them for a detailed explanation of the process and note if they mention the color gradient. Request for customer reviews and testimonials from them to ensure that they have a good rapport with old clients.

If you’re still unsure about this, question them specifically about their knowledge of the treatment. If they’re true to their name, they’ll be able to answer all your questions.


With all due considerations for the quality of the treatment, we also know that customers might be displeased with the service for other reasons. A major reason for this is that if they’ve been experiencing hair shedding for quite some time, the balding may have become part of their appearance.

Going for a fuller look definitely makes your hair color suddenly appear more saturated and probably darker (especially if you have dark hair naturally).

Make sure you account for that factor while evaluating the results. Your dissatisfaction may arise from the fact that you’ve forgotten how rich your hair color was before you lost most of it!

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