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Workplace Cleanliness: Why It Matters

Written by Nancy

You’re probably offering a handsome salary, flexible work timings and a couple of fringe benefits but are you really doing enough for your employees? Some or all of your employees might not seem as energetic to show up to work or complete their shift hours and the problem could be something else.

We’re talking about your workplace hygiene. No one likes a dirty or unorganized workplace. Here’s why you need to pay more heed to office cleanliness:

Auditors examine more than just financial statements

All businesses are subject to annual audits. The auditors are concerned about more than just numbers. A well maintained office gives off the impression that rules and standards are being followed when it comes to work too. An auditor should take away the idea that your firm prioritizes health and safety of its employees.

Value your assets

If you run a business, you must be aware of the fact that office equipment isn’t easy or cheap to re-buy. It’s an investment you need to value. Too much dirt and dust damages your equipment and decreases its lifespan. Same goes for the furniture. If it’s cleaned frequently, it stays with you longer.

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Employee health is vital

If your employees fall sick every now and then, it’s your work that’ll suffer. High absenteeism rate automatically leads to weaker financial ratios. Getting a reliable janitorial service to keep the employee workplace clean ensures healthier employees and might as well help you save up on the health and insurance costs.

Investors don’t give you a second chance

First impressions are definitely the last impression. Put yourselves in the shoes of an investor who visits an office with an aim to strike a deal. You enter the office and all you see is a mesh of intertwined wires lying unattended and lots of cobwebs on the walls here and there. You probably wouldn’t want to visit again, would you? Even if you’re the market leader, a dirty office is enough of a turn-off for your investor.

It takes a lot of hard work, effort and time to build a reputation in the modern business environment. Don’t let all that you’ve built suffer by ignoring workplace cleanliness.

A good cleaning service can always solve the problem for you. Square Inch is one such example. They provide all sorts of janitorial services at affordable rates for your office in Sumner, Tukwila, Auburn, Puget Sound, Tacoma, and Renton. Call them now at 253-244-3246 or visit their website.

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