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Ways to Detoxify Your Body

Written by Nancy

Ways to Detoxify Your Body

Body detoxification has been around for centuries. By eliminating bodily toxins and feeding your body healthy nutrients, you protect yourself from disease and illness. At the professional front, body detoxification can mask toxins from recreational drugs like marijuana and help you maintain a career.

· Limit Sugar in your Diet

An effective way to rid your body of harmful toxins is by trying the seasonal detox. This not only boosts your metabolism but enhances your overall well-being.

A great way to start is by slowly and gradually decreasing your daily sugar intake. This includes molasses, honey, and artificial sweeteners.

As quoted by Time Magazine a University of California study found that high sugar intake leads to chronic diseases like diabetes. This bad habit is linked to chronic fatigue and weight gain in the long-run. According to CNN, a study by the Journal of National Cancer Institute revealed that consistently high sugar levels can also develop colon cancer.


· A Regular Exercise Routine

We all know about the positive health impact exercise has on our body. Huffington Post claims that people who exercise regularly have far lower toxin levels in their system.

Moving about to increase stimulation on a routine basis will bring about effects like enhanced digestion, reduced anxiety and greater strength in your body.


· Fruits and Vegetables

Detox drinks comprising of a variety of fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains bring back the nutrients and vitamins needed by your body.


Dark green vegetables, for example, contain high doses of micronutrients and vitamins like A, C, and K that help expel toxins from the bloodstream.


· Fight Environmental Pollutants

In today times, pollutants and allergens surround people all the time. Pollutants are in the very air you breathe. According to Cornell University, 40% of world deaths can be attributed to air pollution.

Take appropriate measures like wearing masks in densely populated areas and avoiding places with congested traffic.


· Detox Drinks

These are drinks with detoxification properties. It can be a tea, a smoothie, a juice or even plain water infused with vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. Usually, organic detox drinks made from all-natural products bring the best results.


If you are looking for a full body cleanse or a way to mask toxins in your system, try Optimal Kleen. This detox drink is proven to be effective in helping pass urine and saliva drug tests for weed, opiates, cocaine, meth, and marijuana. Working on individuals up to 300lbs. this drink on the market is effective for around 3 hours after consumption.

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